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3 November 7PM - Opening Event

6 November 7PM - A Brexit Conversation

13 November 7PM - Artist Talk  with Chris Steele-Perkins

20 November 7PM - Documenting Climate Change

27 November 7PM - Selectors’ Talk

LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown

A 52 page newspaper created to accompany the online exhibition. The tabloid includes a Foreword by Paul Hill as well as all images exhibited in LIP Chronicles' online gallery. The publication includes features from our Selectors: Carole Evans, Steve Macleod, D Wiafe and Anthony Luvera as well as a synopsis of each of the November Friday Series of Artists Talks: featuring Tereza Červeňová, Natalia González Acosta, Uta Kögelsberger, Emma Mowat, Chris Steele-Perkins and Chris King.

Teaser of LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown, the tabloid newspaper, below. All exhibited members will shortly be receiving a copy. Additional copies are available to all. To purchase the newspaper click here.

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Curators' Notes

Natalia González Acosta

From the beginning of lockdown in March, it became apparent that uncertainty would take over the near future. Colleen and I had already begun the initial preparations for the 32nd Annual Exhibition, however, we soon established that having a physical exhibition would be a risk and decided to incorporate an adjacent project that captured LIP member’s lockdown experience. As the restrictions changed, we realised that the safest option would be to make the lockdown project the main exhibition for 2020. This is how LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown was created under the uncertain climate of the pandemic.

I am a new member of London Independent Photography, however, being the Assistant Exhibition Organiser has introduced me to the community from a unique perspective. This role has been instrumental during this overwhelming time as it has kept me informed, connected, motivated and active. I also graduated during this time and have managed to work alongside photographers and artists that I have admired and studied for years. For this reasons I will always be grateful for being part of such a poignant project that holds the many stories, perspectives and experiences of the challenging and worrying times we all experienced at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Special thank you to Colleen Rowe Harvey.

October 2020

Natalia González Acosta

Colleen Rowe Harvey

At the start of 2020 I began my second year as LIP’s Exhibition Organiser. Using the experience gained from my first year as the curator I was excited to plan the annual exhibition. Having honed my skills to bring the membership’s selected images to a gallery space in 2019, I felt confident. The Coronavirus changed everything. The experience of yesterday was no longer needed to organise an exhibition in the year of a global pandemic. This uncertain state meant LIP’s annual exhibition could not be held in its usual format. But something exciting was born in its place: LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown.

In early February Natalia González Acosta joined me as the Assistant Organiser. Our inaugural meeting took place at a cafe in King’s Cross with whispers of COVID-19 in the air. Little did we know it would become the conversation and the guiding force of LIP’s exhibition in 2020. On March 23rd the country was advised to “stay at home.”  The Coronavirus had become a daily concern; everything in the news became numerical. Number of infections, number of deaths, days to isolate, how many one could meet outside their family bubble, how many in the garden, in the park, 2 metres, 2 weeks ... Endless stats continually being thrown at the public. It became dizzying and increasingly worrying. In late May due to the uncertainty of the pandemic’s course the decision was taken to cancel the traditional exhibition and to proceed solely with Life Under Lockdown as the conversation. The exhibition required a new direction: an inclusive photographic event from LIP members documenting their Lockdown.

The selected images for LIP Chronicles frame the 21 weeks of Lockdown. Our surroundings were investigated. Key workers were celebrated. Images of family and home life often highlighted both the isolation and the togetherness. Members observed and chronicled these new and uncertain times. Documenting the new protocol of meeting others, of managing the new normal. For others it was a time to embark on a new photographic project, and for some a time to revisit old projects. Processes of the 19th Century and technology of the 21st were used. In all these images familiar surroundings were seen with new eyes.

LIP Chronicles is what it is because of the exhibited members, I thank you for sharing in this photographic conversation. I also thank the artists who contributed their time to create a dynamic and current programme of Artists’ Talks: Uta Kögelsberger, Tereza Červeňová, Emma Mowat, Chris Steele-Perkins, and Chris King. I thank our Selectors: Anthony Luvera, Carole Evans, D Wiafe and Steve Macleod as their collective expertise brought a critical eye to the foundation of the online gallery and the first issue of LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown. I thank Paul Hill, a long-time friend and supporter of LIP for writing the Forward introducing LIP Chronicles. I thank fellow committee members who were supportive through this journey of reinvention especially to Robin Segulem, LIP Webmaster; and Len Salem, Membership Secretary and Treasurer. I close with a grand thank you to Natalia; a worthy partner and co-creator of LIP Chronicles. Our journey to build this unique event has been both fulfilling and rewarding and made stronger through our collaborative partnership.

Colleen Rowe Harvey

October 2020


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Natalia González Acosta and Colleen Rowe Harvey

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